Before You Start Using the iPad App

The Brandboom iPad app gives you the freedom to take your presentations anywhere. Present your products and capture orders online or offline. Orders are automatically synced to your online Brandboom account.

Please note the app is meant for sales on the road. Content creation is not supported, so before you start using the App, make sure you've logged in on a computer and completed the following:

Create Products

Upload Product Images

Create Presentations

Requirements for iPad App use

  • An iPad 2 or later (2011 - Present)
  • Running iOS 6 or later
  • Connected to Wifi or 3G/4G

Install the App

1) Go to your iPad App Store and search: Brandboom

2) Tap "Get" to start downloading the Application!

iPad App Overview

1) Launch the app on your iPad

2) Log into your account.

  • Make sure you are connected to Wifi or 4G if this is the first time logging into the app.

3) Welcome to the Homepage! Here's a quick overview:

  • Click on the Brand name to switch between Brands (If Applicable). Once you are in the desired Showroom, tap the Presentation name to load your products.
  • Icons at the top of the panel on the left switchs between Products, Orders and Customers
  • Product: Includes all Presentations that can be used to create Orders
  • Orders: View/Edit all orders.
  • Customers: Search/View/Edit/Create New customers.
  • Products only shows Presentations that have been created in your Brandboom account. The only products that will show up are the ones that have been added to a Presentation. New Presentations cannot be created in the iPad App.

Product Page

Order Page

Customer Page

4) Download Presentations by tapping the cloud icon. This allows you to view presentations while you are offline. Downloaded Presentations will no longer have the cloud icon.

  • Download time will depend on the number of products in a Presentation and the strength of your WIFI/4G connection.

5) Tap each Presentation to load your products or tap the menu icon.

Note: At top right corner of the presentation, you'll see three icons. 

  • The funnel icon will allow you to filter through the Season, Type and Category. After you select your field(s), hit Apply!
  • The middle "envelope" icon allows you to email a presentation to any buyer. Simply type in there email and hit continue. Keep in mind you can only access this future when you are connected to the internet. 
  • The third icon the "magnifying glass" allows you to search for any products within the presentation

6) From here you can scroll down on the different styles. Tap on the photo to enlarge image. Click on the X or tap on image again to close.

7).  Underneath every style, there is an order button. Tap the button to start an order. A new Order Tab will appear. Notice that the number in the red circle will increase depending on how many products were selected.

  • This feature is only available for paid Brandboom accounts.

Note: To remove products from an order, tap on the order icon that should now say "Added" and it should that prompt you to remove?

Click on the remove. you should notice that it has been removed from the order form.

8) Tap the Order Tab to view your current order.

Note: You should see three icons on the order form as well

  • The first icon with the square and arrow going upwards is our AirPrint & Email PDF option. This feature is only available online.
  • The eye icon will allow you to hide your prepacks. Learn more about prepacks here
  • The magnifying glass icon will allow you to search for presentations among your entire product list. 

9) Select "Choose A Customer" field at the top right corner if they are saved inside your system or you can manually fill out the order form with the buyer's information. Then add product quantities and line items (tax, shipping, discount, etc.). Not all field are required.

10) You can have them sign the order form at the bottom. 

11. Lastly, scroll down the order form and select any of the following options, you can either:

  • Place the order - choosing this option will save and mark the order as "Placed." Once you upload these orders to your Brandboom account, the order will be set to "Processing" and a confirmation email will be sent to the buyer.
  • Send an order to a buyer - choosing this option will save and mark the order as "Send." Once you upload these orders to your Brandboom account, the order will be sent to the buyer for revision and submission.
  • Save an order so you may revisit it later
  • Or delete the order

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