Fashion is fresh, exciting, innovative, and forward thinking. So why is the process of creating line sheets so repetitive, stressful, and quite frankly, drab?

We always felt that creating line sheets relied too much on technical skills and often bottlenecked the fashion wholesale process. Companies need someone well versed in Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator, and Excel to pump out line sheets in a timely manner and get them in the hands of buyers. Line sheets are labor intensive and take up too much time in an industry where sales windows are small and deadlines are tight.

But what if there was a simple way to create, elegant and professional line sheets without all that technical expertise?

That's why we created Brandboom.

Brandboom is an online wholesale tool that enables brands to better merchandise and sell their products. Sellers can quickly customize line sheets/look books for specific buyers and send them out as interactive links. When it comes to ordering, buyers can place their orders from those links without needing to contact sellers directly. Simply put, Brandboom streamlines buying and reduces the time of processing orders.

To completely change the way fashion companies operate their wholesale business, we needed to re-imagine how the process would get done through a fast and versatile web application. We've made Brandboom as efficient and flexible as possible to cope with the ever-changing world of fashion. We wrote this guide to help you quickly master it and give you and your team the tools to beat the competition!

Here's how the workflow process on Brandboom goes:

  • Input product info manually or import using our Excel spreadsheet template
  • Upload images and match them to their products
  • Create Presentations for your products. Presentations are essentially your linesheets/lookbooks/collection
  • Generate a share link for each Presentation and send it out to your buyers. (Example: Brandboom Winter Collection)
  • Collect orders from share links

Brandboom also offers an iPad application that allows you to download your Presentations and go offline so you can take your Presentations on the road. Tackle those tradeshows with confidence!

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