Brandboom makes creating Line Sheets a breeze. Brandboom uses a product catalog to generate Line Sheets. Once you've built your products, you can instantly create custom line sheets just by selecting your products and organizing them into Presentations.

Here's how it works:

Create Products in Brandboom

Start by creating your content. Add product information and product photos to Brandboom.

To learn more about creating products on Brandboom, see this article.

Create Presentations

Presentations are essentially your line sheets. Create a presentation and add the products you want to present. You can also customize your presentation with text, images, videos and more.

To see how to create presentations, see this article.

Print Your Line Sheets

Once you've created your presentations, you can select the PDF option to open the line sheet generator. Select custom settings for your layout and then print or download as a PDF.

See more about printing line sheets in this article.

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