FREE for everybody to explore

Anybody can create a login on Brandboom and use it to explore the platform's features. That's one of the ways we set ourselves apart. You don't have to commit to anything and you can give it a test drive for as long as you like. No trial period. No credit card needed.

Invite the whole team to start collaborating and see what's possible, without paying a thing.

Pay per User

When you're ready for premium access, just pick the Users you want to upgrade and select the appropriate Plan for each one.

While some systems charge you for your entire company and give you a number of logins to use, we let you upgrade (and downgrade) users one by one to fit your company size.

As your team grows, you can upgrade more users. Or perhaps you've brought on temporary team members for a special project. You can easily downgrade them when their job is done. Their information stays, even if they've moved on.

Upgrading gives each user more access to the features they need.

Choose each User's level

The Startup Plan allows a User to build Products up to a limit of 150.
The Business Plan allows a User to build Products with no limit and gives them access to Invoicing.

In addition, all Plans allow a User to:

  • see and write unlimited Orders
  • build unlimited Presentations
  • receive unlimited Email Notifications

For our current pricing, visit our Pricing page:

Choose Monthly or Annual Subscription


Enjoy the flexibility of our month-to-month Subscriptions and downgrade at any time. We know sometimes you just need to take a break. Come back when you're ready and upgrade to the Plan you need. Your information will still be there for you.


If you're confident that Brandboom is the thing for you and you're ready to commit for a year, you can save even more. When you pay for 10 months up front, you get 2 months free.

Ways to Save

Mixed teams

Save yourself some money by upgrading Users with fewer access needs to a lower plan. See Mixed team Subscriptions for more information.

Volume Discounts

Have more than 4 users in your team? Contact us to see what we can do for you.


Are there any contracts or setup fees at Brandboom?

No, there are no contracts or setup fees. You can either choose to be billed monthly or annually (two months free with yearly subscriptions).

Do my buyers have to pay for Brandboom?

No, buyers do not need to pay for Brandboom to view and place orders.

Does Brandboom take a percentage of my sales?

No, we do not take a percentage of your sales as processing is done outside of Brandboom.

How can I upgrade my plan?

See Upgrade to a Paid Subscription to get started.

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