Brandboom has many options for all different kinds of wholesalers. Whether your business is starting up or already well established, Brandboom is a great tool that allows you to create clean and professional line sheets quickly. Here is a quick comparison of the features.

Free Account

  • 50 Active Products
  • 5 Presentations
  • 10 Buyer Notifications/Month
  • View 5 Orders/Month
  • 2 Price Lists
  • PDF Line Sheets
  • iPad App
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Prepack Support

Startup Account

  • 150 Active Products
  • Unlimited Presentations
  • Unlimited Buyer Notifications/Month
  • View Unlimited Orders/Month
  • Unlimited Price Lists
  • PDF Line Sheets
  • Brandboom Connect
  • iPad App
  • Prepack and Inventory Tracking
  • Sales Analytics: Unlimited Real Time Sales Report, Customize Reports, Generate Production Reports via Excel and Quickbooks.
  • Customer Analytics: Easily save customer information and create a customer database.
  • Team Analytics: Track your sales team and see how they are performing

Business Account

All of the features of a Startup Account, with the addition of the following:

  • Unlimited Active Products
  • Order Integration
  • Customer Integration
  • API Access: Brandboom has the ability to integrate with other online services. The Application Programming Interface (API) is our gateway. Our API is open for you to use. You can sync product information, inventory, orders, customers, etc.
  • Integration Support: work with our tech team to integrate Brandboom with any major system.

See here for full prices.

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