Inbound: Processing - Units in Processing (or "pending") orders, not yet deducted 

Adjust Inventory - Enter a value into this cell to ADD units to the adjacent Starting Inventory cell

Starting Inventory - Starting inventory count. Does NOT change as units are deducted. Can be edited directly or added to with Adjust Inventory cell.

Committed - These are units sitting in Complete orders. (Starting Inventory - Committed = Available)

  • Complete - Completed + Unshipped units
  • Pick-n-Pack - Completed + Pick-n-Packed units
  • Shipped - Completed + Shipped
  • Inventory - Total of all committed units in this section

Available Inventory - Units available to be ordered, also the value displayed on the product. (Starting Inventory - Committed = Available).


  • Exported - units on their way out
  • Archived - units cleared, historic count

Inventory Date - Date last modified

Here is an example of what happens when units are moved through the Order Status stages:

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