Important Note: 

Style ID, Option Code, and Size values are not editable by spreadsheet

Brandboom uses these 3 attributes to identify the product to update. Therefore, any changes to these values will be recognized as being new, alternate values instead of a request to change an existing value.

For example, if you have a Size value of "S" and you change it to "Small" on your spreadsheet, Brandboom will not recognize your intent to change S→Small. It will treat "Small" as a new value, and if it doesn't already exist, it will add it to your product or create a new product.

If you need to modify any of these 3 attributes, you can do so manually in Brandboom or contact Support to assist you.

Recommended Method:

  1. Export existing product information
  2. Make changes to info in Excel
  3. Import spreadsheet back into Brandboom (Choose Split Option if only updating existing products)
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