1. Select a showroom and go to the Products page

2. Click on the "+ Product" icon dropdown and select "Import Products"

3) The Import Products window will pop up

4) Click on "Download Product Template" to download the template file to your computer.

5) Open the file in Excel or any spreadsheet program.

6) Edit the product information using the sample data as a guide, or replace the values with your own.

Here's an explanation of some of the columns:

  1. SKU Numbers: Each SKU value must be unique and cannot repeat. This is optional; however, if you have sku number for your products we recommend entering them into the sheet.
  2. Style ID: This is the most important column. It is a name/number that represents a particular style. A Style ID is required to create a product
  3. Option Code: List out the different variations of your style, commonly colorway.
  4. Option Name: Use this field to explain your codes in the Option Code column (like in the Product Template). Otherwise leave it blank.
  5. Size: Input size of each product. Alternatively, you can leave this column blank and create sizes with the size chart function after uploading.

Common Errors

If the information you're uploading is not reflecting properly or resulting in an error message, see this article for common issues and solutions.

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