An Image Section allows you to insert a full-width image. Additional columns can be added for a side-by-side tiling effect on the web (stacking effect on mobile). 

In the Sections menu, add an Image Text section into your presentation and configure the Settings in the expanded menu.


Note: Remember that text in this section has its font configurations set from the Presentation Font Settings

Text Color
Choose the color for the Header Text

Text Layout
Choose whether the Header Text appears inside the frame or below

Aspect Ratio
Select a Width:Height ratio for the frame(s)

The Aspect Ratio will determine how the image is cropped. Below you will see examples of auto, 1:1, and 6:1.

Add Column
Create a series of up to 4 tiles to display side-by-side on the web and PDF 

The tiles will then stack when viewed on narrower displays

Upload an image that will fit into the tile frame or choose a solid background color

Header Text
Enter your custom text here to have it displayed on the tile

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