There are different ways of removing or limiting a user's access to Brandboom. When looking to remove a user, consider which of the following you need to process (may be more than one):

  1. Downgrade user to Free
  2. Remove from Showroom
  3. Suspend user
  4. Delete user

Downgrade user to FreeĀ 

User can still login with Free abilities, can still be invited to showrooms. Please contact Support to process a downgrade.

Remove from Showroom

User will be kicked out of a specific Showroom but can still log in with current Subscription level and access other spaces. See Remove a User from a Showroom for more info.

Suspend User

User cannot log in to Brandboom at all, but access can be restored later

Delete User

User will be removed from Brandboom completely and cannot be restored

See Suspend or Delete a User from Brandboom for instructions.

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