Important: App data will be lost

In some cases, you may encounter an issue on the iPad app that requires you to reinstall the App. 

Deleting the App will remove all of its data, including orders that may not have synced with your account! 

We recommend trying other solutions first. 

Back up data

Please make sure to follow these instructions to avoid data loss:

  1. Double check that all orders on the device have been synced to the web. Check your Orders list on the web and check Orders on your device. Also, go offline with the iPad and check for orders that may not have been sent. 
  2. If there are any Orders that haven't been sent to the web, try connecting to the internet to allow those orders to be sent. Or take Screenshots of the orders so they can be rebuilt later.

Delete and Reinstall App

  1. Remove the app from the device (hold on icon and click X)
  2. Download the App from the App Store and install again
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