Brandboom does not currently offer the ability to rename or rebrand Presentation links.

You can brand your presentations by uploading logos and images within the page to stylize it, but the URL cannot be customized.

Here are a few options to consider.

Set up a Redirect Page

If you want to disguise your Presentation link and set up a page to redirect to the Presentation, you can find services online or set up a page on your own website. That way, you can send a Buyer a link with the appearance of another website which then redirects them once they click on it. 

Ultimately the actual link address will be revealed when they arrive at the Presentation page, but it allows you to change the way it displays when sending it initially.

Use a Link Shortener

Link shorteners will not make your link any more identifiable, but they will do 2 things:

  1. Generate an alternative, shorter link
  2. Often allow tracking of clicks

There are a number of services that offer this for Free or for a fee online.

Masking the Link

We do not recommend masking links as it can be confusing or misleading for Buyers, but if this is something you wish to pursue, there are methods available that require custom manipulation of webpages to "embed" or display content from other pages

Embed link in text or button 

Generally we recommended that you display the full Brandboom link in your emails for transparency. However, if you prefer not to, you can insert the link under displayed text. 

For example, your email could say:

"To see our newest collection click here." 

And the hyperlink embedded in the word "here" will take you to a specific location online. If you're using a graphic email editor, it may allow you to insert a button doing the same.

White Labeling or Custom Branding

We don't offer this service, but if you would like to use Brandboom's platform to power a page that shows your own domain name, please contact Support to request this feature.

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