Basic Steps for Importing

  1. Export Product information from source platform (Shopify or other) to spreadsheet file
  2. Open file and add necessary columns for Brandboom compatibility
  3. Import file into Brandboom.

Import file into Brandboom

Use the Import Product function in Brandboom to import a spreadsheet file containing your product information. During the import process, you will be able to custom map the spreadsheet columns to Product attributes on Brandboom.

Issues with compatibility

If the spreadsheet was generated and exported from a different platform, you will most likely need to add a few special columns for Brandboom specific attributes (shown below) before uploading the file. 

Shared Attributes

If you've created your Products on a different platform like Shopify, most attributes will have an identical match on Brandboom, for example:

  • SKU → "SKU"
  • Wholesale Price → "Wholesale Price"
  • Description → "Description"

Brandboom Specific Attributes

However, Brandboom requires that each product be created with the following attributes as well:

  • Style ID
  • Option Code
  • Size

Chances are, the product you've created on another platform will not have a corresponding attribute that can be used for "Style ID" and "Option Code", so you will need to generate these values separately before importing.

Extra information

Your products may also have additional attributes which are not supported in Brandboom (e.g. weight, cost). Those will simply be discarded during the import if not mapped.

Generate Style ID and Option Code

If your products don't have appropriate values for Style ID or Option Code, you will need to generate new ones for each product.

See Style ID, Option Code and Size (SOS) to understand what these attributes represent and how to generate values that will allow for future compatibility.

Example Shopify Template with New Columns

You can see here that we needed to add 2 new columns to our Shopify file and generate new codes for Style ID and Option Code before importing.

Why do I need Style ID and Option Code?

As you grow your collection of products, it can become difficult to track products using fully spelled out attributes. Style ID and Option Code allow you to abbreviate and codify your offerings in a way that can be referenced faster internally within your company and the warehouse.

Can I simply use an existing attribute?

Yes, but you may find that because of restrictions for Style ID and Option Code, using an attribute not specifically set up for this purpose may create conflicts. 

Feel free to contact Brandboom Support to help advise.

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