Uses for Export Status

Export Status is not relevant for all users. It triggers specific actions in our system that are only relevant if you are doing the following:

  • Inventory - tracking and clearing units
  • API/Integration - sending Orders out to a connected software system
  • Archiving Orders - prevents Orders from being modified and allows for Product attribute changes

If you don't have need for any of the above functions, you can simply use the Export Status as an extra visual indicator (i.e. flag) to help track your Order progress (e.g. recorded, received by buyer, no further action needed, etc.)

Export Status Labels

Unexported - (default) Order has not been exported

Export Ready - If you are using the API, it triggers the system to send the Order information to an outside/integrated system. Edits to the Order are locked.

Exported - Confirms that the order information was exported. Edits to the Order are locked. If using inventory, it triggers the system to clear units from the inventory table. Editing inventory quantities at this point will cause Shipped values to clear. 

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