Here are some of the common errors and solutions:

File not uploading at all

Check to see if the file is formatted correctly and is saved in an accepted format (.csv, .xls, .xlsx). Double check that the headers appear on Row 1.

New products are not being created

See I'm trying to import new products but they are not being created.

New products are being created instead of existing products being updated

See I'm trying to update existing products by import but it's creating new products

One or more attributes are not updating

See I'm importing product information to update my products but some of the information is not being updated correctly

Imported products already exist as Inactive

See Error Message: "Products you imported were already Inactive"

Spreadsheet contains duplicate Styles

Double check that the combination of Style ID, Option Code, and Size aren't used multiple times within the same document.

Import interrupted

See Importing products stopped loading or timed out

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