Open Showroom Settings

Click the Showrooms button to open your Showrooms Panel and click "Showroom Settings".

When the Showroom Settings panel appears, switch to the Team Settings tab.

Showroom Team Settings Panel

The Team Settings page shows you the users who are collaborating in your showroom. From this panel, you can:

Showroom User Permissions

Edit Products
User can edit all product information besides Prices and upload and edit images. If unchecked, they will only be able to view product info.

Edit Prices
User can edit product prices and add markup or discount on presentations.

Administrator (Showroom Owner's Team Only)
User can invite/remove users from the showroom and make changes to Showroom Settings.

View Orders (Other Accounts Only)
By default, only the Showroom Owner's teammates are eligible to view all orders collected in the Showroom by all associated reps. Checking this box for a user on a different team allows them to view and edit all orders, overriding the system default. Please speak to Support to enable.

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