What do I need to do to get started on Connect

To begin using Connect, you will need to do the following:

  • Build Presentations to send as Proposals
  • Upload Showroom Logos
  • Add Trade Shows
  • Have a credit card on file

After completing those steps, you can improve your recommendations by providing the Recommendation Engine with additional information.

See How are Connect Recommendations generated? for more info.

Can I cancel a proposal to a buyer after I’ve sent it?

Yes. Just go to your Outreach History page to “Recall” the proposal you sent. The reserved credits will be returned to you after 7 days.

Can everyone on my team use Connect?

Each user login will need to establish its own eligibility with enough history of activity in Brandboom. As long as each user is eligible to receive recommendations, they can participate. 

Can I filter for different attributes or choose what types of buyers I want?

Not at this time. We are going to be giving our users additional abilities in the future. If you have requests for new features you’d really like to see, please contact our Support team!

Why am I not seeing recommendations?

There may be some situations in which recommendations cannot be generated for your account due to a shortage of information or activity or a lack of quality recommendations. We recommend increasing your interactions on the platform to generate more valuable information and refining your Trade Show preferences to include ones that provide better matches.

A buyer viewed my proposal. Now what?

You will receive a notification when somebody views your presentation, and their email address will be displayed on the Outreach History page. 

Since the buyer doesn't get to see your products until they click and open your proposal, there's no guarantee the buyer is necessarily interested in placing an order, but you can now reach out to them directly.

Can I send more than 1 proposal to a recommended buyer?

No, you can only choose 1. If they connect with you, you can always follow up and send them additional presentations directly with their email address.

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