Complete Order and Choose a Customer

Before creating an invoice, you must have these 2 things done on your Order:

  1. Set the Order Status to Complete
  2. Choose a Customer (create a new one if needed)

Method 1: Click New Invoice to add all Products

  1. Click the "New Invoice" button in the toolbar
  2. When prompted, click "Yes" to add all products from the Order to a new invoice

Method 2: Select Products and use Add to Invoice 

  1. Select products individually by checking the box to the left of the product thumbnail
  2. A blue bar will appear at the top
  3. Click the "Add to Invoice" button and select "Create a New Invoice"
  4. You can create additional invoices by repeating these steps

Switch View between Order and Invoice

You can switch between Invoices and the Order Form by using the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the page.

Next Steps

After your invoice has been created, you can send it to your Buyer to add their own payment or process and log a payment on your end.

You can also manage your invoices from the Orders Page or Invoices Page

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