This feature is only available if you have a Master Showroom with a Sub-Showroom.

To learn more about creating a Sub-Showroom, see this article.

Make products Showroom specific:

For the following example, Brand A is the Master Showroom and Brand A (Mens), Brand A (Womens) are the Sub-Showrooms.

1) Start in your Master Showroom. Go to the Products page and change to List View. (Click the list view icon on the top right hand corner of the page)

2) Check the boxes for the products you would like to make exclusive or click ALL icon to select all the products.

3) Click the product status drop down menu and select

4) Under "Exclusive To", chose the Showrooms you want the products to appear in and click Apply

  • By default, all products appear in the Master Showroom and the Sub-showroom.
  • Select the Master Showroom only to hide products from the sub-showroom OR choose both the Master and Sub-Showroom(s) to make products appear in both Showrooms. In the example above, my products will appear in both Sub-Showrooms.

5) Back on the Products page, the products that were made Showroom exclusive will show this icon

underneath the check mark button in List View. Clicking on the icon will show you which Showroom the products are currently in.

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