We normally recommend using the Disable Selling function for all SKUs of the Option you're looking to remove.

However, if you prefer to remove it completely, you can do the following:

Split Options and Recombine Desired Options

  1. Split the product Options into individual products
  2. Set the specific options you want to remove to Inactive
  3. Recombine the remaining split Options using the Merge function

Moving forward, your product will now only have the Options you've chosen to merge together.

Remove product from Orders and Re-add after modifying

We don't recommend this method unless you have only a few orders affected and you feel comfortable recording and restoring changes.

  1. Search for Orders that contain the product
  2. Record exactly which orders contain the product and their exact quantities.
  3. Remove the product from all orders
  4. Delete the Option(s) from the product
  5. Re-add the product back to the orders
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