A UPC (Universal Product Code) or EAN (European Article Number) value is a unique code which is used to identify a specific item and its vendor, usually in retail.

UPC/EAN values are not used or displayed in the Brandboom interface, but they can be associated with your products so that this information can pass through to the final stage when information from an order is exported.

To add UPC/EAN values to existing products, simply follow these steps to update your products by spreadsheet and insert the values in the UPC column. These values are not viewable or editable in the interface.

When an order is placed, you can download it as an XLS file and the UPC/EAN value will appear there.

Note: If you would like to display the UPC/EAN value in the interface, the best alternative is to add it as text to the Product's Description or another attribute. If you need the value to be displayed as its own attribute, contact Support to request this feature.

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