Page Settings

Paper Size
US-Letter, A4, US-Legal

Landscape, Portrait

Page Layout
Number of product spaces to put on each page
6 (3x2) = 6 products per page (3 across x 2 rows)

Page Numbers
Includes page number in lower right corner of each page

Linesheet Settings

Product Type
Choose which Products to filter for, based on the Type attribute

Show Borders
Inserts a thin line between product spaces

Show Title
Inserts text in the footer and Cover Page (if used)
Default: [Showroom Name] - [Presentation Name]

Custom Title
Type in custom text to appear in Title spaces

Show Products Only
Exclude all other elements besides products

Show Cover
Adds an automatically generated Cover Page which includes your Showroom's Cover Logo, optional Title, and optional Contacts

Today's Date
Includes date in Footer

Product Images

Number of Views
Choose how many product images to display per product

Image Percent
Percentage of Product Space to be allotted for Product Image. The remainder is allotted for Product Info.

Expand Images
Expand or stretch Product Image to fill space if the original image is smaller

HD Images
Overrides automatic image quality calculations to use highest quality image

Product Information

Product Attributes to Show/Hide

  • Names
  • Base Prices
  • Retail Prices
  • Ship Date
  • Seasons
  • Categories
  • Descriptions
  • Options (e.g. Red, White, Black)
  • Option Lines - Rows to allot for Options values

Size Lists (e.g. S, M, L)

Size Grids - Sizes and Options shown as matrix

  • Blanks - displays blank cells for write-in quantities
  • Inventory - inserts Inventory count in each cell
  • SKU Prices - inserts Price in each cell
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