Sometimes you work with a buyer who doesn't hold up their end of the bargain. As a seller, it's important to negotiate terms that are convenient for your buyer while protecting yourself against losses.

For example, you may encounter buyers who:

  • back out of Orders
  • provide bad, invalid, or fraudulent payment
  • don't respond

There is always a risk when doing business, and it's something that even big brands deal with. We recommend doing your best to take precautions and set up protections to avoid these situations, especially with new buyers. For example, you may consider implementing the following.

  • Clear and thorough Terms of Sale written on the Order Form
  • Stricter Payment Terms, perhaps requiring initial deposit

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where a buyer has not fulfilled their obligation in an order, we recommend doing everything possible to contact them directly and negotiate a resolution.

Unfortunately since Brandboom is simply a platform that allows Buyers and Sellers to interact, we cannot arbitrate in these situations. If you find that a buyer has clearly demonstrated fraudulent behavior, you can report the user to our Support Team and we will log the matter for possible investigation and potential suspension of the user.

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