Set Product to Inactive

On the Products Page, click and select the products you want to set to Inactive. Click on the product status drop down menu located at the top of the page and select "Set Inactive". 

A confirmation message will appear and your tiles will become faded to let you know they are Inactive

Inactive Products

  • Inactive Products are hidden on the Products Page and in Presentations, by default.
  • They appear as faded Product tiles, only if you've enabled the filter to display Inactive Products
  • They cannot be seen or ordered by Buyers, even if they're still in a Presentation.
  • If a Product is placed in an Open or Processing Order, setting it to Inactive will cause the style to be "pulled" from the Order. On the Seller side, you will see a prompt to save changes. On the Buyer side, the Product will automatically disappear from any Orders that haven't yet been placed.
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