If contents of your Presentation are pushed onto another page, it may be due to one of the following:

  1. Contents exceeding space of first page
  2. Automatic Page Break inserted after last product of every Product Section 
  3. Page Break inserted after Divider line (if "Use as PDF page break" option is checked)

Contents exceeding space

If your blurb or products require more space than is left on the page, they will be pushed onto the next page. You can either shrink the contents or choose a layout that will afford more room for these elements.

Page Break at end of Product Section

Note: The PDF generator will automatically insert a Page Break at the end of every Product Section. 

For example, if you have...

  • 2 products in Section1 
  • 3 products in Section2


  • your Layout should allow 6 products on a page

...you will not see all 5 products on 1 page. Instead, you will get a page with 2 products and then a page with 3 products.

To have all of these products flow together, you will need to combine them within the same Product Section.

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