What is a Ship Date?

When building your Products, you will see a field for Ship Date. Ship Date is not required on Brandboom and isn't relevant for all sellers. It really just depends on your business.

In wholesale, a Ship Date or "Start Date" is the starting date you plan to ship your products to your Buyer. The Cancel Date is the last date you intend to ship, after which the Order is cancelled. And the time between the Ship Date and Cancel Date is considered the "Shipping Window."

It is mostly used for pre-booked orders with a scheduled availability, which is common in fashion. For example, a brand will often start collecting orders for a Summer collection well in advance so they can make sure the pieces are manufactured, ready to be shipped to stores, and put on shelves in time for consumers to purchase.

Communicate Lead Time or Turnaround Time Instead

If your products are ready to be shipped, just with a bit of turnaround time, we don't recommend using the Ship Date attribute. Instead, include this information in your Terms of Sale or somewhere in your Presentation so the buyer knows when to expect the delivery of the goods after the order has been placed or paid for.

How Ship Date affects Orders

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