Brandboom's Presentation Editor allows you to create a custom document that can be turned into a PDF or viewed online.

You can keep it traditional and just add lookbook photos or mix in Product info to create a stylized line sheet.

Create a new Presentation

On the Products page, click "New" to create a new Presentation and give it a name.
For more info, see "Create a blank Presentation"

Once the Presentation's been created and added to your Presentation List, click on its bar to open it in the fullscreen Presentation Editor.

Add Text and Images using Sections

See Add Images to a Presentation to learn more.

Click on the Presentation to open up the Presentation Editor and add in a new Section.

In this example, we've added an Image Section and are selecting a Background image to fill the space.

After clicking "Upload" your image will be inserted into the Image Section.

When you're finished click "Save" in the toolbar.

Share your lookbook online

Click the "Share" button in the toolbar to open the Share Presentation panel.

The link to your online Lookbook will be revealed in the "Share Link" box. Copy this link and send it to your Buyers to have them view it online.

See Share Your Presentation for more details.

Generate a PDF

Click PDF and choose your layout settings to generate a PDF file in a new tab.

Note: You will need to add at least 1 product before you can generate a PDF of your presentation. See How to Create Products and Add Products to a Presentation for more info.

See Generate a PDF Line Sheet and Presentation PDF Settings for more info.

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