Step 1: Add Invoicing with Subscription

First, enable Invoicing on your Subscription page. If your Plan doesn't include it, you will need to upgrade to add it on.

Click the Enable button, verify Account changes, and then click "Save & Pay."

You should now see a prompt to go to your Settings page to continue the setup process.

Step 2: Set up Invoicing on Settings page

See Edit Invoice Settings for information on how to:

  1. Enable showrooms to use Invoicing
  2. Manage Invoice reminders
  3. Set Billing Agent

Step 3: Connect Stripe and/or Paypal to Brandboom

If you choose not to use Stripe or Paypal, you can still use the Invoicing feature to generate invoices, send them to your buyers, and log payment and shipment activity. 

However, connecting one of these accounts will allow you to do everything inside of Brandboom.

See Set up Stripe for Invoicing
See Set up Paypal for Invoicing

Step 4: Use Invoicing

Next, it's important to learn:

  • how to create and send invoices¬†
  • how to manage payments
  • how to manage invoices

See the Invoicing section in our Help Center here:

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