Here's a quick overview of the features you can access when you log in to your Stripe account. This is on Stripe's website, not Brandboom.

Overview of Stripe Dashboard

- Gives a quick summary of your account. You can change the date range to reflect account activity for specific dates.

- List of customers and customer emails that have sent payments through Stripe. Clicking on a customer will pull up customer details and a history of payments made.

- A log of payments made. Clicking on a payment will bring up payment details including Order/Invoice number.

  • List of all recent transfers, including transfers between Stripe and your bank account. For more information about Stripe transfers, see this article.

- Detail of your balance including payments and transfers.

Looking up payments for specific invoices:

You can use the search bar on the top right to search for payments. Use the Order number or invoice number to pull up a list of associated payments.

Looking up customers:

You can search for a customer by going to the Customers page or entering the customers email address in the search bar.

See the Stripe support page for frequently asked questions about Stripe.

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