Send and receive messages from your Buyers inside of Brandboom using the Messages feature.

You can use it to assist your Buyers who may have questions about your Products or simply reach out to encourage an order.

Seller side

After a registered Buyer visits your Presentation, a message icon will appear next to their name in the Presentation Viewer History and on the Visitors Page. Click on this icon to send a message to the Buyer.

If you receive a message while not logged into Brandboom, you will receive an email notification letting you know you have a new message.

Buyer side

When a registered Buyer views a Presentation, they will see a message icon appear on their screen, allowing them to start a conversation with the Seller tied to the Presentation.

If a Buyer misses a message, they will receive an update in their periodic Buyer Digest email and they can decide if they want to log in to respond.

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