Presentation Order Minimums will allow you to override your Showroom's default Order Minimum with a lower minimum for specific presentations.

For example, if your Showroom's default minimum for orders is $500 but you'd like to specify a $100 minimum for certain buyers, you can create a presentation just for those buyers and set the Presentation Order Minimum to $100.


  1. Open a Presentation into the Presentation Editor
  2. Expand Presentation Settings if collapsed
  3. Enter value in "Order Min" field

Lower of Minimums honored

At this time it is not possible to use a Presentation Order Minimum greater than the Showroom Order Minimum. The lower minimum will always be used.

If you want to set a higher minimum for a specific buyer, you would need to set that value at the Showroom level and offer lower minimums for other buyers at the Presentation level.

Showroom Order Minimum

To access this setting, see Order Form Settings.

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