If you've received this error message but you don't believe you've reached your Product limit, chances are you have Products that are counting towards your total that you are not aware of.

Products from Other Showrooms

If you own multiple Showrooms (including Sub-Showrooms) or are invited into Showrooms owned by other Teams, the Products in those Showrooms will also count towards your limit.


Remove yourself from Showrooms you don't want to access

If you are still invited to a Showroom but no longer wish to be, you can remove yourself from the Showroom to ensure that the products contained don't count towards your total.

See Remove a User from a Showroom for instructions.

Upgrade your subscription

If you want to continue to access all the Products you have and still create more, you will need to upgrade your subscription.

Set Products to Inactive if you don't want to access them

Inactive Products won't count towards your total. See Set a Product to Inactive for more info.

Review Product Limit

To find out how many Active Products you currently have, access your Subscription page.

Next to "Active Products" you will see how many Active Products you have access to and the limit for your login.

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