Product Images

Add as many images as you like to your product.

Identifying Attributes

  • Style ID (required): The name/number that represents a particular style
  • Option Code: A code associated with a variation of your style, most commonly a colorway
  • Option Name: The color name. If you have both option code and option name, the name will be displayed for the buyer. If you do not have an option code, put the option in place of the option name
  • Sizes: The size run that the product is available in
  • Prepacks: A set ratio that a buyer must purchase in. (Ex: S, M, L Prepack is 1:2:1 | Every Small purchased must be purchased with 2 Medium and 1 Large also)

For more information about Style ID, Option and Size, see this article.

Additional Info

  • Name: Name of the Product
  • Price: Wholesale Price
  • Retail: Suggested Retail Price (MSRP, RRP)
  • Min Quantity: Any minimum quantity purchase per style
  • Type: A section to organize your products. Example: Mens, Womens, Boys, Girls, Jewelry Etc.
  • Category: A subsection to organize your products. Example: Tops, Bottoms, Hats, Necklace. Categories can be displayed on online presentations for your Buyers to filter by.
  • Season: Division of the year. When something is available or sold
  • Ship Date: Date of expected shipment
  • Description: Description of the product
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