If you've received an email request for image downloading from a buyer, check out the article "Authorize image downloading request on Presentation" for specific steps on how to handle this request.

Manually Enable Image Downloading

  1. Hover over the presentation name and hit the SHARE icon.

or click into the presentation name and hit the SHARE icon at the top on the page.

2) Under your Share Link box, you will see your direct share link(s). Next to each link you will see a switch to enable/disable "Download."

3) Click on the toggle and it should switch it to ON

4) Copy link and send it to the buyer. 

If you've sent the share link already, anyone who has access to this link should now be able to download images freely.

Note: If you've enabled image downloading via e-mail, Brandboom will automatically generate a new Access Code link that you can send to your buyer.

How Image Downloading works on the Buyer side

When a Buyer views your Presentation with Image Downloading enabled, they will see a download button in the upper right hand corner. Clicking this will show a "PDF" and "ZIP" button under each product, allowing them to download the version of their choice.

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