Access Share Panel

Hover over the presentation name and click the SHARE icon 

or click into the presentation name and hit the SHARE icon at the top on the page

Share Link

The link that will direct the viewer to your presentation online. Copy this and send it to your Buyers in an email.

Click the small Preview icon next to the link to open a preview of your Presentation in a new tab.

Create Link

Click to add an additional link that can be used to access this same presentation. You can specify different settings for each link to customize the experience for different viewers.


A shortcut to the Connect page with the current Presentation loaded and ready to send to Matches.

Share Settings

Share With 

  • Only Yourself: You are the only person able to view this presentation
  • Inside Team: Only users in your Account/Team can view
  • Inside & Outside Team: Anybody in the Showroom can view

Sub-Showroom Sharing

If you want to make this presentation visible in Sub-Showrooms, you can specify the visibility settings here.

  • None: (default) This presentation is not shared with this Sub-Showroom
  • Team: Only available for your Inside Team
  • All: Available to all users in the Sub-Showroom

See Share Presentations with Sub-Showrooms for more info.

Allow Editing

Prevent or allow other users from making changes to this Presentation when viewed in Sub-Showrooms.


Click the Visitors button to expand the in-panel list of visitors.

Export Visitors

Click to download a spreadsheet file which lists all of the visitors who have viewed your Presentation.

Edit Link

Click the pencil icon to expand a menu with these additional settings:

  • Custom Access Code text box (Optional) - Generate an Access Code for buyers to reference in place of the link
  • Expiration Status and Expiration Period
  • Image Download option
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