Here's how it works:

When buyers visit your presentation, they will first be asked to enter a valid email.
(Note: If they're logged in from a previous session, it will bypass this step)

When they do, they'll be able to continue on and view your products and you'll be sent a "Presentation View" email notification.

  1. Unverified: If they've never registered their email on Brandboom, they'll be prompted to verify their email address and create an official Buyer Account by email. This is entirely optional and they can choose to ignore this step and place orders without registering. These orders will appear as [Unverified] in your email, letting you know that they never confirmed their email and that anybody could have submitted this.
  2. Verified: If they choose to verify their account on Brandboom, they are essentially claiming their login and will be required to enter their password before they can write new orders or access restricted Account pages. Creating a Buyer Account makes it easier for your buyers to save addresses and revisit old presentations and orders they've placed through all of their sellers.

If a buyer has trouble with logging in, see this article for more info.

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