If you want to rename an existing size value on a product (e.g. from "S" to "Small"), here are the steps:

  1. Go into the edit split-screen for the product and click on either the Style ID, Option Code, or Size to bring up the SOS Table.
  2. Click on "Change Sizes" to open the Size menu
  3. Click "Find & Replace" and 2 new fields will appear above the table
  4. Enter the value you wish to change in the "Find" box and click "Find". The matching size(s) will appear in red with an underline.
  5. Enter a new value or name you wish to replace it with in the Replace box. Then click "Replace".
  6. Click Save
  7. The old name will be replaced with the new name

Product Tied to Orders

If the Product is tied to an order, you will be prompted to confirm if you would like to overwrite the values in existing orders.

Merging Duplicate SizesĀ 

It is possible to merge 2 Size values to represent 1 value by renaming one to match another on your product.

For example, if your Product has the following sizes:
S, Small, M, L, XL

And you took orders with units in both "Small" and "S", you can have both values and units merged into the value "S" and have the value "Small" deleted permanently. Please contact Support to have this processed.

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