If a buyer mentions they're having trouble placing an order because they're being asked for a password, it's likely because:

  • They are not aware they've previously registered on Brandboom
  • They have since forgotten their password
  • They don't understand why they are being asked to log in

Previously Registered

Often users will forget they registered years ago or they created a Seller account previously. We encourage Buyers to register so they can access saved Presentations and past orders.

Forgot Password

Let the Buyer know that they can easily reset their password from the login window if they don't remember it. If they have trouble resetting their password, see this article.

Login Requirement Unclear

Since we allow all visitors to start viewing a presentation with only an email, it may be disorienting for the user when they are suddenly asked for a password as soon as they attempt to order.

The Order Form is considered a restricted space if the user is using a Verified Buyer email. This is to prevent a fraudulent visitor from drafting an order and misrepresenting themselves as an existing Verified Buyer.

Once they log in, they are able to proceed with their Order and access other restricted areas where they can:

  • Edit Profile
  • View past Orders¬†
  • View saved Presentation links
  • Access Favorited products

Note: Buyer stays logged in

Our system does not require log in every time a buyer visits your presentations. Once they've logged in, the Buyer pages will remember them and they can keep working in the future without having to enter a password.

Occasionally if a long enough time has passed and the user has cleared their cache, the Buyer pages will not have their login remembered and they will be prompted again.

Option to Delete Buyer Account

Occasionally, Buyers are frustrated about having to log in after verifying and don't want to take advantage of the conveniences available to them as a Verified Buyer.

They can always delete their Buyer account in their Profile page. This will allow them to proceed in the future without being forced to log in. 

Unfortunately, this will remove them from our system and clear their saved Presentations and Orders.

More Information

Here's more information about Verified vs. Unverified Buyer accounts.

Support Available to Help Buyers

If the buyer still experiences issues, Brandboom Support will be happy to reach out to the buyer directly to troubleshoot.

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