From Master Showroom to Sub-Showroom

Sub-Showrooms are separate Showrooms that allow Product and Presentation information to be passed in. So instead of copying or rebuilding a Product or Presentation, you simply need to set the Share settings from the Master Showroom to share "down."

From Master Showroom to Master Showroom

Since Master Showrooms are completely independent spaces with their own products, orders, users, and settings, it isn't possible to simply move products from one space to another. They must be rebuilt.

Essentially you are creating a new version of the same product with no connection to the original, even though they resemble each other.

Note: Products can be exported and re-imported, but Presentations cannot. Presentations must be rebuilt from scratch.

To do this in a batch:

  1. Export your products from the first showroom to a spreadsheet file
  2. Then import the products into the second showroom with the same file
  3. Re-upload all product images to the second showroom's Media Bin
  4. Use Auto-Match to match images to products automatically

For assistance with copying over large quantities of images and products, please contact Support.

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