The Brandboom iPad App is designed as an Order-focused tool, which allows Sellers to collect Orders on the go and is optimized for working offline.

Features and Benefits

  • Simplified interface for in-person presentations and order-taking
  • Allows offline presentation viewing and order writing (requires download to device)
  • Utilizes touch functions to speed up ordering flow (pinch/pull to zoom on images, swipe between panels, drag and drop products into Orders, scrub to highlight QTY cells)
  • Retrieve updated Presentation and Order data when connected

Online vs. Offline


  • Most of the basic Order writing and editing functions are available (Send an Order, Place Order, Revise Order, Update Status)
  • Order information continually syncs with server and is available to view on Web
  • Retrieve and refresh Presentations, Orders, Customers, and Showrooms to get latest information from the server
  • Save new Customers to Customer List
  • Search entire Showroom for unlisted Products to add to Order


Presentation viewing and Ordering is still possible, however:

  • Only essential Order writing and editing functions are available (Add/remove information, Auto-save of Order edits)
  • All Order information will be saved to device but not synced with server. Must wait for connection to send information through.
  • Only Presentation and Order data that was previously downloaded and saved to device while online will be visible

Basic Workflow

See Brandboom iPad App Workflow to understand how to properly utilize the app's functions.

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