Before starting to use the iPad App, we recommend reading through the Brandboom iPad App Overview to understand the basic functions and limitations of the app.

Load Account Data into App

When you first log in to the app, you will be able to pull up Account data (Presentations, Customers, Recent Orders) for online viewing.

However, to conserve battery and data transfer, the app does not automatically refresh Account data while in the same login session. 

Manually update data on iPad

While connected to the internet, you can update any panel by pulling down on it to refresh. 

Prepare to Work Offline

Unless you are certain you will have a reliable and fast internet connection, we recommend that you prepare your iPad data for working offline. 

Note: Often times, attempting to use the app with a spotty connection will result in more issues than if the iPad were disconnected. When the app attempts to transfer data without a solid, uninterrupted connection, it may result in errors.

If you have not updated your app in some time, it is highly recommended that you check for any updates to ensure compatibility.

Save Presentations to Device

Only Presentations that are saved to the device will be available for offline viewing and use. This allows you to limit the amount of data to store offline by picking and choosing just the Presentations you need.

Any unsaved Presentations will appear faded and not be accessible when offline.

Click the "Save" icon next to the Presentation name to save it to your device.

Next Step: Write Orders

See iPad: Write an Order for more information on how Orders are created and handled online and offline.

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