Start Order

With your Presentations loaded, you can write Orders by clicking the Order button under your Products.

When clicking Order on the first Product, a new Order Tab will open up behind the Presentation Tab and all ordered Products will continue to be added to it.

Drag and Drop

Alternatively, you can drag and drop a Product Tile into an Order Tab to ensure that it is added to the right Order.

Edit Order

Click on the Order Tab to add the Customer's information and enter QTY units.

Auto-save for Open Orders

Changes to Open Orders are Auto-saved. You can close the Order and come back to it later. 

Save Order offline

If working offline, simply close the Order draft and it will be saved to your Orders List. When your iPad reconnects to the internet, the draft will automatically be synced to the server. 

When your device is connected again, you can finish the Order in the app online as shown in the next section. Or you can access your Account on the web and process the drafts from your Orders Page.

Finish Order in app when online

Close the Order as shown above to save it as a draft if you plan to continue editing later. Your draft should sync to the server automatically.

Or click "Send to Buyer" or "Place Order" at the bottom of the Order Form.

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