How do I export my orders into QuickBooks?

First enable the appropriate Quickbooks format option by checking the box in your Settings page.

Next, make sure that you've download the correct version of QuickBooks.

There are two kinds of files you can export into QuickBooks:

  • The first way is in an .iif file. This is an Intuit file extension that you can import as an invoice ONLY using QuickBooks Desktop. You can export a file like this by checking off the box on the orders page, clicking Download and selecting QuickBooks Invoice Import File (iif).
  • The second way is to import it in as a sales order. This will come in the form of a .csv. You will need a separate application called the Transaction Pro Importer to import this information.

The link to download this is here:

*Transaction Pro Importer for Desktop will only work on Windows PC Running Windows 8/7, Vista or XP Operating systems.*

(Mac) Users: Only able to use TPI Online with QuickBooks Online.
(PC) Users: Able to use either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online with TPI Desktop or TPI Online

There is a one time fee or a monthly fee, and you can get a discount by saying you are from Brandboom | BlackCloset. The instructions to exporting these files from Brandboom are below. Choose TPI Sales Order File (csv).

1) Click the

tab at the top of the page to bring up the Order page.

2) Check the boxes of the order you would like to download and select "Download"

3) From the drop down menu, select either QuickBooks Invoice Import File (iif) or QuickBooks TPI Sales Order File (csv). The file download will then begin.

  • Not: Orders cannot be set to "Processing" when downloading or the file will be empty.

4) Another way to export orders is to go into an order and select the Export icon to download your order as an Excel file.

Which accounts do the invoices fall under?

Whenever orders are imported into QuickBooks, transactions are imported into the following accounts.

  • Accounts Receivable (boom) : An accounts receivable account.
  • Sales (boom) : An income account.

If these accounts do not already exist by name, new accounts will be automatically created.

What happens when an order with sales tax is imported?

If tax is included on any order being exported, the following account and item will be created.

  • Tax Payable (boom) : An other current liability account.
  • Sales Tax (boom) : A COMPTAX item.
  • Tax Vendor (boom): A vendor that's generic for all tax liabilities.

When tax is being exported, the Sales Tax percentage of the last order exported will be updated and stored as the percentage for the Sales Tax (boom) item. With that said, if you've applied different sales tax percentages for each order, they will stay with each separate order.

How is each invoice being represented in my order?

Every SKU (ID, Option, Size) gets written as a new line within each invoice. The description of each line will include the ID, Option, and Size of each item. Discounts will be added to the end of each invoice along with the given percentage in the description.

How to connect QuickBooks Online with Transaction Pro Importer

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