Adding a video to your Blurb Section is a great way to make your Presentation even more appealing. If you already have a video hosted by a server/website such as Youtube or Vimeo, you can easily add the video link to a Blurb Section

Add a video to your Blurb using the video URL:

1) Open an existing presentation

2) In the left hand Presentation Edit panel, click on the "+" next to Sections and select Blurb

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3) The new space will be inserted into the presentation on the right side, you should see a new bar in your Section Editor on the left hand side. 

4) Click in the space that says "Click here to edit this blurb." Click on the "Insert/Edit Video" icon 

5) The Insert/Edit Video panel will appear

6) Copy the video's URL from the website where it is hosted and paste the video URL into the "Source" field. You can also set specific dimensions for the size of the video player in the boxes at the bottom. Click "Ok" to finish.

7) You will see a temporary blue box as a placeholder for the video. But don't worry...

8) Once you click the save icon at the top the video should appear.

Add a video to your Blurb using Embed:

You can also use the "Embed" function to insert videos in your blurb.

1) Click the Insert/Edit Video icon in the toolbar

2) Click on the Embed tab in the video panel.

3) Right click on a video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc and copy the embed html.

  • If you don't know how to find the embed code on Youtube, click here.

4) Paste the embed code in the box and click "Ok"

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