What is an Access Code?

If you prefer to direct your Buyers to a Showroom Landing Page instead of sending them a direct Presentation link, you will need to generate a special Access Code for them to enter on the Landing Page to visit your online Presentation.

To learn more about Showroom Landing pages, see the article for Showroom Landing Page.

You can specify an optional phrase or code to assign to a Presentation link, and when a Buyer enters this code on your Showroom Landing Page, they will be redirected to the designated online Presentation.

Ultimately the Buyer will arrive at the Presentation page the same way they would if they were to follow the direct link (e.g https://www.brandboom.com/app/a/abc123) from an email.

Please note that it is not a password that protects your Presentation.

Generate an Access Code

Click the "Share" button that appears when you select a Presentation to open up the Share panel.

Click "Add an access code" to expand the additional settings menu

Enter a custom phrase in the Access Code field and click "Save"

When would I want to use Multiple Access Codes?

The main reason for creating multiple Access Codes is to set different levels of access to a single Presentation.

By having different Share Links, you can choose what to do with each one individually instead of affecting all viewers. 

For example, you may decide to send one link to a segment of Buyers and deny access after 1 week, while allowing another segment to continue viewing with another link.

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