What are Active Products?

Active products are the ones that show up in your main Showrooms and Presentations. Active products are products currently in use and ready to be to put into Presentations and seen by buyers.

Depending on your subscription plan, you may have a limit on the number of Active products you can have in your account.

Why should I make a product Inactive?

Brandboom accounts are only limited to the number of Active products in the account. Inactive products do not count against this limit. 

Setting the status of a product to "Inactive" allows you to keep the product in your account without having to delete and recreate the product when needed. 

Our users often use this feature to make certain styles unavailable to buyers or phase out products they're done with, without deleting them. It also allows brands to cycle out the previous season and cycle in the next season's products.

Inactive vs. Delete

Deleted products cannot be restored. Inactive products are hidden from view by default and can be re-activated easily.

As long as a product is associated with an order, you will not be able to delete it. If you don't want it to appear in your Showroom, you can set it to Inactive instead. If you wish to delete the product from the system, you will first need to remove it from any orders in your account.

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