Automatic Image Resizing and Compression

When you upload images to Brandboom, they undergo compression and resizing. Several versions of the original uploaded image are created for use throughout the site (thumbnail, zoom, etc).

Compressing and resizing allows for smaller sized files to be stored and loaded, which optimizes page load time for the viewer while still maintaining a suitable amount of quality for the images.

In most cases, the effects of compression are not noticeable or are negligible.

Compression Problems

In some cases you may find your images on Brandboom are not as clear or sharp as you want them to be due to the processing they undergo.

Problems may include:

  • pixelation (lines or edges seem jagged)
  • blurriness
  • loss of detail
  • artifacts (pieces of discoloration or noise)

Images more affected by Compression

We've found that image compression seems to have less desirable results when:

  • the product appears very small in the image area
  • the product contains very small details
  • the image is a CAD drawing with fine linesĀ 
  • there are large areas of solid colors or extremely subtle gradations
  • there are areas of strong red colors

Optimize appearance with compression

See Optimize Image files for more details

Images seem fine before uploading

You may find that the image does not appear to be low quality when you view it on your computer, but there are often more subtle details that significantly affect the image when uploaded.

We recommend following the suggested steps to optimize your images, even if they don't appear to need improvement.

Request Higher Quality

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of the images and would like to see the compression decreased, please contact Support to request this feature.

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