Account Suspended

Can't Log in

If you get an error message when trying to log in, either:

  1. Your login was suspended at the request of another user on Brandboom. 
  2. Account was suspended due to multiple overdue Subscription invoices.

Login Suspended by Account/Team Owner

In this case, please contact your Account/Team Owner to request that they restore your login or contact Support to request access with a different Account/Team.

Account Overdue

Please contact Support for additional information and to regain access.

Logged In but Can't Access Showrooms

If you are able to log in but cannot access your products and orders, you may have an unpaid invoice that is past due. Most commonly this is because the credit card on file was declined for the current invoice payment. To resolve this, follow these steps or contact Support:

  1. Update your credit card if it is expired or has issues charging
  2. Manually charge a subscription invoice if it was unpaid