Add Images to a Presentation

Here are the 2 ways you can customize your presentation with images:

  1. Insert in an Image Section, using the background image
  2. Insert in a Blurb Section, using the text editor

Each method has its own advantages. 

Image in an Image Section

Image Sections will automatically fill the entire width of the Products area in a Presentation and allow you to add multiple, uniformly-sized tiles in that same row. They can't be manually resized.

See Add Images with an Images Section for more info.

Image inside a Blurb Section

Since a Blurb is a text editor, images are inserted in-line, meaning they flow with the text, and they're also formatted using the same text editing functions.

You can resize images to whatever size you like and they won't stretch to fill the space if they are small.

See Insert Images into a Blurb for more info.