Add Sizes to a Product (Size Chart)

To apply sizes to a product, you must build and apply what's called a "Size Chart".

1) Select a Showroom and go to the Products page.

2) Go into List View by clicking the

icon on the top right hand corner of the page.

3) Select the product(s) you want to add/change a Size Chart by checking the box to the left of the product image. Then click on the product status drop down menu and select Show SOS and a window will pop up. 

4) Select "Change sizes" to create a new Size Chart or apply an existing size chart to the products you selected.

5) To create a new Size Chart, click on the

option. Enter a name for the Size Chart and the sizes below, each size separated by a comma. When the chart is complete, click Create.


6) To apply the Size Chart, select the Size Chart you just created. The sizes should then be applied to the products.

Note: Sizes cannot be changed once the products are tied to an order.